5 Reasons to work Door to Door sales 

1.) D2D is for self-motivated individuals. If you cannot motivate yourself to do the work then there is nothing we can do for you.  But with that being said if you are self-motivated, door to doors sales offers you the opportunity to be your own boss and essentially run your own business. 


2.) D2D offers an amazing income to hours worked ratio.  For example entry level sales reps work 36 hours a week. The base pay is $300 per week and the commission is up to $175 per activation.  So at an easy one activation per day you will be earning $1,350 per week.  That's the equivalent of earning $38 per hour or $70,200 a year only working 36 hours a week. 


3.) Sales incentives:  We offer some of the industry's most competitive sales incentives.  From cash, car reimbursements, cellphones, iPad, cruises, all-expense paid trips, sports tickets, to whatever motivates you, we can most likely put a goal on it!


4.) Stream line to management:  If you can sell and recruit you can become a sales leader!  Once a sales rep has recruited 3 reps he can become a team leader, earning overrides from his teams' sales activations.


5.) How many people can say they walk around and talk with people for $70k a year?  If you got what it takes, you could soon be one!  Apply now!  

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